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Newt Stinks, But…, And Other Thoughts

December 5, 2011 by

Newt Stinks, But…, And Other Thoughts

Newt Gingrich has been gaining popularity among voters.

A frightening scenario appears to be playing itself out as we march inexorably toward the time when real live voters begin casting meaningful votes to select the Republican candidate who will face President Barack Obama in 11 months: Newt Gingrich might win.

Many of our friends on the “right” seem OK with that. In fact, over the past two weeks in our own GOP Presidential poll, Gingrich has led Ron Paul. The latest results during that period:

 Candidate  Votes In Poll
 Newt Gingrich  8,920
 Ron Paul  7,081
 Herman Cain  4,355
 Mitt Romney  2,004
 Rick Perry  1,280

Gingrich’s rise in the polls would make a fascinating psychological study. Here we have a man who cheated on (at least) two wives (once while excoriating President Bill Clinton for doing the same thing), who is a member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations, who has attended the pagan ritual summit also known as Bohemian Grove, who slobbered all over Nancy Pelosi in a television commercial supporting Al Gore’s global warming claptrap, who lobbied (or gave history lessons) for Freddie Mac and earned himself $1.6 million, who has supported cap-and-trade legislation and individual healthcare mandates (just like Romney and Obama) and has proven himself to be a political chameleon and as big a corporatist as any who ever inhabited Washington, D.C. Despite all of those things, Gingrich is climbing to the top of the Republican beauty contest. And people who claim to be conservatives are hopping on his bus.

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Gingrich should be anathema to conservatives. In fact, for all the reasons Romney hasn’t appealed to conservatives, Gingrich can go one (at least) better: flip-flops, crony capitalism, would have voted for TARP, supports ethanol subsidies and, as recently as this summer, said he supported Federal mandates on purchasing health insurance (which he first did while lobbying for the healthcare industry) and a lover of wars, wars and more wars — oh, yes, and he believes in stripping Americans of their citizenship if they oppose the government.

In reading comments posted to neocon-supporting websites, the message seems to be, “Newt stinks, but anything is better than Obama.”

Such a meme proves the left/right paradigm remains firmly locked in place. George W. Bush was bad, Democrats love to say, because of the wars, bailouts and budget deficits. Obama is bad, Republicans love to say, because of the wars, bailouts and budget deficits. Gingrich will be better than Obama, Republicans say, because even though Gingrich supports wars and bailouts and budget deficits, his name is followed by an “R” rather than a “D.”

If you are truly a conservative, then Newt stinks — that is true — and so does Romney. But how does placing an “R” after a candidate’s name make the stink any more tolerable than the one we’re getting from the current “D” stinker? The only difference will be which group of corporatists get richer over the next four years. Fascism and tyranny will continue unabated, and government will continue to grow.

More Proof The System Is Stacked Against You

Last week, Bloomberg Businessweek reported that in July 2008, as market fears were mounting and the U.S. economy teetered on the brink of the precipice, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson warned hedge fund managers and other Wall Street executives, many of them, like Paulson, former Goldman Sachs executives, that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were in serious trouble and government seizure was eminent. From the article:

The fund manager says he was shocked that Paulson would furnish such specific information — to his mind, leaving little doubt that the Treasury Department would carry out the plan. The managers attending the meeting were thus given a choice opportunity to trade on that information.

There’s no evidence that they did so after the meeting; tracking firm-specific short stock sales isn’t possible using public documents.

The elites in the criminal enterprise called government conspired with their buddies on Wall Street to do all they could to protect and enrich one another to the detriment of millions of Americans whose retirement and savings were tied up in stocks and mutual funds.

Something very similar is coming to light in the collapse of MF Global, the brokerage fund that died as the economy in Europe tanked. According to The New York Times:

What is clear to investigators is that MF Global improperly used customer funds for its own needs during its final chaotic days, according to people with knowledge of the inquiries. That move essentially breached a fundamental Wall Street rule: customer money must remain separate from company cash… About $200 million in customer money that disappeared from MF Global surfaced at one point at JPMorgan in Britain during that last week, the people with knowledge of the inquiries have said. That discovery could prove to be a major breakthrough in the weeks-long search for the missing funds, though hundreds of millions of dollars in customer money remains unaccounted for. MF Global sent the $200 million to JPMorgan, some people close to the investigations believe, after it overdrew an account at the bank. JPMorgan raised questions about the money, but it never received assurances from MF Global. It is possible that JPMorgan no longer holds the money, having served only as a middleman between MF Global and several trading partners.

Now, it turns out that a number of MF Global customers are out as much as $1.2 billion, including noted trends forecaster Gerald Celente, who told Lew Rockwell the gold options he held through the firm were stolen from him in what was a concerted effort to attack futures traders.

But that’s not all. Bloomberg also reported last week that banks made billions of dollars on secret bailouts from the Fed at a time when they were assuring investors their firms were healthy. This is money the banks received in addition to the acknowledged TARP funds.

In my book, Robbed Blind! Who’s Really to Blame for America’s Economic Crisis?, I went into great detail about how the Fed, Congress, Wall Street and the U.S. judicial system conspired to steal the wealth of Joe and Jane Mainstreet, enrich the elites and punish anyone who complained.

That would seem to be the type of issue that should unite the Tea Party and the OWS crowd against the Federal Reserve and the kleptocrats.

They’re Moving Piles Of Monopoly Money Around Again… Investors React With Glee!

Last week, with the collapse of the Eurozone only days away, global bigwigs and central banks moved piles of fiat money (aka Monopoly® money) around and the Eurozone was declared saved.

It must be true. The U.S. stock market had its biggest day of the year on Nov. 30, right after the latest European bailout was announced. Meanwhile, inflation continues unabated and more Americans are unemployed, losing their homes and going on the public dole.

The ride gets more interesting by the day. I trust you’ve prepared with food, water, guns and gold, as we have been warning you for years.


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One thought on “Newt Stinks, But…, And Other Thoughts

  1. I find Gingrich very Goldwater-esque, not so much in his conservatism, but in the sheer unwillingness to temper his thoughts. He just outrages people time and again. I think he’d be just as bad a general election candidate as Goldwater was.

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